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The “Consortium for the Centre of Molecular Biomedicine” (CBM) is a SME working in the field of molecular biomedicine, which provides high tech services to private and public customers, promotes tech-transfer and spin-off generation, coordinates the activities of Technological District of Molecular Biomedicine and carries out in house innovative research. CBM research network is structured in 6 core facilities operated by highly motivated young scientist and managed in tight connection with several academic institutions. Indeed the coordination of the scientific activities of CBM is generally appointed to top level scientists from academic institutions worldwide.
Role and expertise of CBM in the project
CBM will take part to the WP1, WP3, WP6 and WP7 activities in the project. CBM will contribute to WP1 and WP6 with his expertise in atomic force microscopy and in apertureless scanning nearfiled optical microscopy. In particular the project will benefit of the AFM-Raman combined instrumentation on which plasmonic antennas will be implemented in parallel with NTMDT. A separated optical set-up will be developed for the evaluation of the plasmonic multi antennas systems in a biological environment. CBM will contribute to the WP3 with a two photon confocal microscope which will be used in combination of the localized subwavelenght plasmonic excitation to study the diffusion dynamics of localiazed synaptic excitation in FRAP-like framework. Finally CBM will contribute to WP7 with its expertise in optics, nanoparticles and biology and with is device design experience
Marco Lazzarino, physicistis a permant scientist at IOM-CNR Trieste, and since 2005 directs the bionanoanalysis laboratory at CBM. During his scientific career he worked on several topics ranging from GaAs-based device to surface and interfaces engineering, from nanolithography to instrumental developing. His present scientific interests are focused on the biological application of scanning probe microscopy. He is co-author of more than 60 papers on international journals. CBM reaserch staff includes Alpan Bek, physicist, who got his PhD degree with a thesis on Apertureless Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy under the supervision of prof. Klaus Kern and then specialized in nanooptics and spectroscopy of nanomaterial, Monica Mazzolini, biologist whose scientific career is essentially focused on electrophysiological techniques aimed at investigating structure and function of ion channels and Francesco Zanuttin, biologist who has a long term experience in HPLC, nanoparticle synthesis and their application in biological environment, Elisa Migliorini, phd student, who works on cell culture, AFM and confocal microscopy.
AREA Science Park, Basovizza, Trieste