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NT-MDT Europe B.V. The Netherlands (Eindhoven) is the European branch office of NT-MDT Co. It is a leading and innovative company in the field of scanning probe microscopy and optical spectroscopy. The company had been established in 2002 to consolidate the NT-MDT sales and customers support in Europe. NT-MDT Europe provides with versatile spectrum of samples testing, the consultations, the demonstrations and the developments of new techniques. NT-MDT Europe staff consists of highly educated employees including PhD's in different scientific branches, experts who are managing the application laboratory, where the traditional AFM’s; AFM’s combined with inverted microscopes; AFM combined with spectrometer; scanning near-field optical microscope; high vacuum Cryo-AFM; nanoindenter are employed successfully. NT-MDT Co has support offices in the USA (Santa Clara, CA), China, Service and Logistics operation in Ireland. The Company has a history of cooperation on European level e.g. participation in FP 7 Project "Nanoray"; FP 7 "Energy" and a number of local Dutch projects dedicated to bio-applications and interactions at the level of single molecules.
Role and expertise of NT-MDT in the project
NT-MDT will examine, test and investigate the properties of PC-PA (photonic crystall- plasmonic antenna) cantilevers using our modified commercial AFM. NT-MDT will contribute strongly to WP 6 by providing analytical results, testing and investigation and the properties of PC-PA (photonic crystall- plasmonic antenna) for intemolecular computation in cell synapses neyrons and living organells. NT-MDT will develop and bring to European market special analytical equipments. NT-MDT will develop the instrument where AFM is integrated with nanoraman chemical microscopy tool in both inverted and upright configuration for detecting single molecule interactions by inducing the specific light. By using a new cantilever, new techniques for nanometer scale surface science and knowledge of WP1 and WP2. Dr. Sergey Lemeshko PhD in the field of physics and technology of new SPM/AFM techniques; Key account manager, ten years of experience with SPM on semiconductors, polymers, bio-materials; Dr. Pavel DorozhkinGeneral manager of optics and spectroscopy products at NT-MDT. PhD in the field of optical spectroscopy of individual semimagnetic quantum dots; studies of electrical properties and electron field emission. He is in charge of development and applications of AFM-Raman integrated product, Tip Enhanced Raman Microscopy and Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy at NT-MDT. Dr. Alexander AlexeevaApplication Scientist; PhD in Physics and mathematics; 11 years experience with AFM/SPM on magnetics materials; polymers and bio-materials
NT-MDT Co. Building 100, Zelenograd, Moscow