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Understanding the plasmonic properties of dewetting formed Ag nanoparticles for large area solar cell applications

Optical Society of America, 29 July 2013, Vol. 21, No. 15 - DOI:10.1364; OE.21.018344; OPTICS EXPRESS 18344
M. Can Günendi, İrem Tanyeli Gürsoy B. Akgüç, Alpan Bek, Raşit Turan and Oğuz Gülseren
The effects of substrates with technological interest for solar cell industry are examined on the plasmonic properties of Ag nanoparticles fabricated by dewetting technique. Both surface matching (boundary element) and propagator (finite difference time domain) methods are used in numerical simulations to describe plasmonic properties and to interpret experimental data. The uncertainty on the locations of nanoparticles by the substrate in experiment is explained by the simulations of various Ag nanoparticle configurations. The change in plasmon resonance due to the location of nanoparticles with respect to the substrate, interactions among them, their shapes, and sizes as well as dielectric properties of substrate are discussed theoretically and implications of these for the experiment are deliberated.