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FOCUS will build new prototypes of molecular devices (MDs). These MDs rely on new scalable concepts largely inspired by biological molecular process.
These MDs will be based on new technological tools
  • enabling molecular precision and control,
  • ealizing their interconnection in a simple way,
  • providing a photonic interface to the mesoscopic world.
These MDs share a similar novel architecture, illustrated in Figure
The main components of the MDs are: 
  • THE INPUT : an array of nanowires providing an extremely well focused beam of light with a diameter of 10 nm, i.e. the dimension of an enzyme
  • the optical input will activate molecules on which a light sensitive gate has been attached 
  • light activated molecules are grafted to a substrate by a DNA tether so that their diffusion and interaction is controlled by adjusting the length of the DNA
  • light activated and other molecules of these MDs interact giving origin to amplification and non trivial computations 
  • THE OUTPUT: the output of the MDs is read by appropriate photonic detectors
These MDs originate and are based on four concepts:

Concept 1: New technological tools for molecular manipulation and control

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Concept 2 - Molecular processing and computation in biology

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Concept 3 - A new framework for computation and information exchange at a molecular level

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Concept 4: New prototypes of molecular devices

Using the developed new photonic devices and photoswitchable molecules and on the basis of the biological investigation, FOCUS will design and develop new prototypes of molecul ... {read more}