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The main objective of the present project is the development of new MDs. This major objective is based on the realization of supporting technological advancements and computational progress. Our main objective will be based also on suggestions obtained from a biological analysis.

Following objectives are set to be achieved:

Artificial molecular devices prototypes

FOCUS will design and fabricate novel types of MDs where molecular interactions between proteins and other small molecules will be triggered by light by using the photonic devices. DNA strands will ... {read more}

Technological objectives

The present project has also a number of specific technological objectives, necessary to build the proposed new molecular devices, which have their own relevance. Indeed FOCUS will ... {read more}

Computational objectives

The main computational objectives of FOCUS are dictated by issues arising in the field of artificial MDs and systems. Indeed, it is a central issue to find the best and optimal ways to interconne ... {read more}

Biological objectives

By combining these new devices with the Optogenetic tools, FOCUS will analyze how cells represent, store, process and exchange information at a single molecule level This majo ... {read more}